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Overlooking Greater Canyonlands, from the Abajos to the La Sals, Utah                                       (Mike Painter)

May 31, 2013

Dear CalUWild Friends—

This edition of the Update is very much shorter than usual, because the computer crashed in the middle of writing it, and all the files necessary for it are now in the shop with the computer. I’m using a substitute. I am hopeful the problem can be fixed and will be able to send out the planned issue next week sometime.

CalUWild is catching up with the social media age, and we now have a Facebook page. We won’t be using it as a substitute for other communications, but it will be an additional tool to get the wilderness message out. So if you use Facebook, please LIKE us and tell your friends to do so, too. (And if you’re not on Facebook, please feel free to ignore this.)

Our computer equipment is old and will need to be replaced sometime. If you would like to make a gift toward that goal, it would be gratefully accepted. And if you haven’t made a contribution in a while, please consider doing so. Checks made payable to CalUWild are not tax-deductible. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution, please make your check out to Resource Renewal Institute. Either way, our address is:

P.O. 210474
San Francisco, CA 94121-0474

Finally, our goal for the last 16 years has been to provide you with useful and accurate information. As always, if you ever have questions, suggestions, critiques, or wish to unsubscribe, all you have to do is send us an email.

Thanks for your support, and have a good weekend,