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THANK YOU to all who submitted comments to protect the Bears Ears & other National Monuments!

The administration is attempting a process to roll back many of the monuments designated in the last 20 years. They are undertaking an unprecedented review, and the memo recently leaked indicates they will try to shrink them. The comment period is closed, and more than 2,700,000 comments were received. Analysis has shown that 99% supported keeping all the monuments intact.

See our September Update for details and information on contacting the White House and Congress.

THANK YOU for speaking up!

Protect California’s Bodie Hills

The wild area just north of Mono Lake, home to wildlife, rare plants, and remarkable scenery, deserves permanent protection. CalUWild is a member of the Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership. Click here for more information.

CalUWild’s Mission

CalUWild is a citizens group founded to secure protection for the remaining wilderness areas and other public lands in the western United States. The organization works to encourage and facilitate direct citizen democracy through participation in administrative and legislative actions, creating a constituency in California for wilderness across the West.

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